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Lightweight AlSi25Cu4Mg Cylinder Liner

Lightweight AlSi25Cu4Mg Cylinder Liner
Baienwei(BEW) company's advanced aluminum alloy cylinder liner allows you to reduce the vehicle weight,improve the fuel economy and extend the engine life,in order to maximize your profit and savings by switching to the lightest AlSi cylinder liner in the market.
Product Details

High performance hypereutectic aluminum-silicon-AlSix(x=18,25,and 35 wt%) alloy products for automotive and other different engineering fields.

Hypereutectic Al-Si alloy possess superior wear-resistance, high strength to weight ratio, low thermal expansion, excellent castability, high corrosion resistance, etc. that makes these alloys suitable for a number of tribological applications in vehicles, like pistons, cylinder liners, compressor scrolls and engine blocks and in other different engineering fields.

We provide expertise in manufacturing the hypereutectic Al-Si alloy products by offering a wide variety of cylinder liners to reduce the car weight,improve the fuel economy and extend the engine life.Consult our team to learn more.

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Tianjin Baienwei New Material Technology Co.,Ltd can produce Al-25Si alloy in the following dimensions:

  Bars:diameters 17mm,18mm,20mm.

  Tubes:outside diameter 89mm, internal diameter 75mm,length can be tailored based on our client's requirements.

  Any other size can be custom made in round,rectanguler or any other shape up to 400mm.

The table below highlights the performance of hypereutectic Al-25Si alloy:


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