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Electronic Packages

  • Lightweight-Low Expansion Al-Si Alloys

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    Lightweight-Low Expansion Al-Si Alloys

    Light Weight-Low Expansion-High Thermal Conductivity Packaging Materials(AlSi alloys products) For Military,Aerospace,and Space FieldsRead More

  • Substrates For High-power LED

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    Substrates For High-power LED

    AlSi80(Si-20%Al) alloy substrates for high power LED with CTE matching with sapphire and arsenic gallium,high thermal conductivity, ease of mamufacture,low cost,and etc.Read More

  • High Performance Wafer Products

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    High Performance Wafer Products

    Providing with wafer products free sample, BAIENWEI is one of the competitive wafer level packages, led wafer, high-light LED wafer, wafer packages manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to import customized products in stock from our factory.Read More

  • Advanced BEW 6061 Mirror

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    Advanced BEW 6061 Mirror

    High performance BEW 6061 aluminm alloy housing materials for satellite application. BEW 6061 is widely used as mirror for satellite fields based on the prefect welding performance without weld crack and holes.The BEW 6061 can satify various requirements in the satellite and...Read More

  • BEW 6061 Housing For Packaging Applications

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    BEW 6061 Housing For Packaging Applications

    Baienwei offers exclusive aluminum alloy products and customized services according to customers’ industry attributes.Read More

  • Carrier For Telecommunications

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    Carrier For Telecommunications

    Baienwei Co.,Ltd produces a series of controlled expansion alloys(Si content:27%~70%) which particularly applied in space and aerospace industries.The Al-70%Si alloy has been widely used in carrier for telecommunications.In contract to original Kovar alloy,it has less than...Read More

  • Heat Sink For Telecommunications

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    Heat Sink For Telecommunications

    Supported by a highly motivated engineering team of specialists,Baienwei Co,Ltd successfully developed a binary silicon-aluminum alloys.The state-of-the-art alloys are recognized as the new packaging materials which having proven a board range of applications.The Al-27%Si...Read More

  • Hybrid Housings And Packages

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    Hybrid Housings And Packages

    Hybrid housing and packages are offered by Baienwei Co.,Ltd ,and extremely used for microwave detection application.Read More

  • Electronics Packages

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    Electronics Packages

    Baienwei Rapid Solidification Aluminum Alloys are widely used in hermetic electronic packages or housing,amplifier housings as well as power electronic components. Aluminum packages include:Al4047 packages and housings;Al6061 packages and housings is available for your...Read More

  • Hermetic housings and packages

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    Hermetic housings and packages

    Baienwei offers a range of controlled expansion Al-Si alloys hermetic electronic packaging for RF/microwave, optical, semiconductor, aerospace and radar communications.Read More

  • RF/Microwave Packages

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    RF/Microwave Packages

    As a thermal management and electronic packaging material, due to low CTE, low density and high thermal conductivity, AlSi alloys are widely used in RF/microwave industry.Read More

  • Optical & Fiber Packages

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    Optical & Fiber Packages

    Baienwei offers a series of aluminum-silicon alloys products comprising optical packages and housings,fiber amplifier housings,heat sinks and spreader.Read More

Providing with electronic packages free sample, BAIENWEI is one of the competitive hermetic seals, hermetic headers, electronic packaging, hermetic enclosures manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to import customized products in stock from our factory.