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Spray-formed 70%Si-Al Alloy For PV substrate

Spray-formed 70%Si-Al Alloy For PV substrate
Applications of 70% silicon aluminum alloy (1) High-brightness LED (2) Photovoltaic(PV) Cells Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Process
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Applications of 70%Si-Al alloy:           

●High-brightness LED;

●Photovoltaic(PV) Cells.

Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Process:


Our Service:

Alloy Si-70%Al can replace the sapphire - GaAs in the semi-conductor elements.Baienwei Co.,Ltd has the competence to handle every aspect of manufacturing process from choosing the suitable material to machining the electronic components and right up to assist your testing. Possessing a highly motivated engineering team of specialist,we are in the position to optimally convert your requirements and assist in reducing your overall cost.If you are looking for wafer silicon company,we have the competence to offer you the perfect silicon solutions.Our company is located in Tianjin,it's very convenience for the two-way to export and import the alloy materials.


Providing with Spray-formed 70%Si-Al Alloy For PV substrate free sample, BAIENWEI is one of the competitive Spray-formed 70%Si-Al Alloy For PV substrate manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to import customized products in stock from our factory.
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