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Controlled Expansion AlSi Alloys For Electronic Packaging Solution
Aug 31, 2016

To meet high demands for electronic industry, Baienwei has successfully developed a series of AlSi alloys used in RF/microwave , semiconductor and optoelectronic packages.

Main Advantages:

  • Low density;

  • High thermal conductivity;

  • High stiffness;

  • Machinable and platable;

  • Environmentally friendly.


  • RF/Microwave Packages and Carriers;T/R Modules

  • Aerospace Aircraft Electronic System

  • PCBs Baseplates;High Power Integrated Circuit Package

  • High Frequency Carriers and Hermetic Package

  • Power Electronic Devices(rectifier,thyristor,IGBT,power module,laser diode,microwave tubes) 

  • Microelectronic Device(computer CPU,DSC chips)

  • High Light LED Wafers;Electronic Optical Frame

  • Satellite Station; Mobile Telecommunication System

  • Sensors Housings and Carriers

  • Laser System Carrier Plates,Heat Sinks,Lens