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Al4047 packages in stock

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  • AlSi50 In Stock

    Contact NowAlSi50 In StockOur company provides a family of Al-Si alloys which are composed of silicon-aluminum and by adjusting the proportions of these two constituents, the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) can be controlled to any pre-selected value between 6 and 17 ppm/℃. For example,AlSi50(Al-50Si controlled expansion alloys) are available in stock.Read More

  • Hybrid Housings And Packages

    Contact NowHybrid Housings And PackagesHybrid housing and packages are offered by Baienwei Co.,Ltd ,and extremely used for microwave detection application.Read More

  • RF/Microwave Packages

    Contact NowRF/Microwave PackagesAs a thermal management and electronic packaging material, due to low CTE, low density and high thermal conductivity, AlSi alloys are widely used in RF/microwave industry.Read More

  • Good Welding Performace Al4047 Alloy

    Contact NowGood Welding Performace Al4047 AlloyUsing as lids for hermetic packages with the good welding performance.The Al4047/Al-12%Si alloy can achieve the military standard,assure the helium leakage rate below 1×10-9(Pa-m3)/s.Read More

  • Hermetic housings and packages

    Contact NowHermetic housings and packagesBaienwei offers a range of controlled expansion Al-Si alloys hermetic electronic packaging for RF/microwave, optical, semiconductor, aerospace and radar communications.Read More

  • Housings For Electronic Packages

    Contact NowHousings For Electronic PackagesWe specialize in the producing of silicon aluminum(Al-Si) alloy raw materials,such as the controlled expansion Al-50%Si alloy always be chosen for housings in the electronic packages field.Read More

  • AlSi(aluminum Silicon) Alloy Hermetic Packages

    Contact NowAlSi(aluminum Silicon) Alloy Hermetic PackagesA series of Si/Al composites with lowered coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and high thermal conductivity were produced, t hese controlled expansion Si/Al alloys have the combination properties of low thermal expansion,lower weight and high thermal conductivity,and produced by our...Read More

  • A New Light-weight Si-Al Electronic Packages

    Contact NowA New Light-weight Si-Al Electronic PackagesSilicon-aluminum(Si-Al) alloys are currently being exploited in a variety of electronic applications because of its advantageous physical properties and manufacturing characteristics,etc.Read More

  • Electronics Packages

    Contact NowElectronics PackagesBaienwei Rapid Solidification Aluminum Alloys are widely used in hermetic electronic packages or housing,amplifier housings as well as power electronic components. Aluminum packages include:Al4047 packages and housings;Al6061 packages and housings is available for your sampling test.Read More

  • Optical & Fiber Packages

    Contact NowOptical & Fiber PackagesBaienwei offers a series of aluminum-silicon alloys products comprising optical packages and housings,fiber amplifier housings,heat sinks and spreader.Read More