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LED Wafer

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  • AlSi70 Wafer Substrate/Contact For High -power LED

    Contact NowAlSi70 Wafer Substrate/Contact For High -power LEDAlSi70 alloy can be used as wafer level carriers for high-brightness LED.The Si-30%Al alloy has the advantageous of close CTE match to semiconductor device(GaAs or Sapphire),high thermal conductivity,dimensional stability,low density and ease of machining and sputtered coatings(e.g.Si,Sic and C;Ti,Pd,Ni,Au;Cr,Pd,Ni,Au)Read More

  • Substrates For High-power LED

    Contact NowSubstrates For High-power LEDAlSi80(Si-20%Al) alloy substrates for high power LED with CTE matching with sapphire and arsenic gallium,high thermal conductivity, ease of mamufacture,low cost,and etc.Read More

  • Wafer

    Contact NowWaferBaienwei AlSi alloy silicon wafers are used for thermal carrier plates or substrates in higg-power&brightness LED,photovoltaic cells in the PV market,wafer level packaging,and wafer scale packaging fields.Read More

  • Wafer Billet

    Contact NowWafer BilletBy using the rapid solidification process, our company fabricates a family of silicon-aluminum alloys,such as alloy wafers,which are made up of 70% silicon and 30% aluminium,for example,the Si-30%Al alloy and Si-20%Al alloy.Read More

  • High Performance Wafer Products

    Contact NowHigh Performance Wafer ProductsProviding with wafer products free sample, BAIENWEI is one of the competitive wafer level packages, led wafer, high-light LED wafer, wafer packages manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to import customized products in stock from our factory.Read More