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Si Al alloy engine rotors

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  • Excellent Wear-resistance AlSi35 Alloy

    Contact NowExcellent Wear-resistance AlSi35 AlloyApplications: (1)Automotive (2)Engine block parts (3)Racing cars (4)Motor sports engine and chassis parts Product Description: Grade material: AlSi35 alloy Main chemical composition: Al:62%, Si:35%, Iron:2%,Nickle:1% Heat-treatment: Condition ''O'' or ''F''...Read More

  • Pistons For Large Engine Automobile

    Contact NowPistons For Large Engine AutomobileThe aluminum alloys piston is distinguished from the conventional cast iron material.Based on the supported with groups of engineers and mass-production managers meticulously executed and experienced, Baienwei core competence is the development and production of silicon aluminum alloys products,from the aluminum alloys material to aluminum alloys auto parts. The application has a wide range of aluminum alloys whether military, aerospace or vehicle accessories.Read More

  • AlSi27 (27%Si/73%Al)

    Contact NowAlSi27 (27%Si/73%Al)AlSi27 alloy is composed by the weight of 27% silicon,and is widely used in electronics packages field, for example, T/R modules, package lids, carrier plates etc.Read More

  • Al-27Si Alloy Carrier Plates

    Contact NowAl-27Si Alloy Carrier PlatesWe offer the Al-Si controlled expansion alloy with low density,higher thermal conductivity and a controlable coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) ranging between 7ppm/℃ and 17ppm/℃.Read More

  • Brake Discs For Engine System

    Contact NowBrake Discs For Engine SystemThe aluminum alloys piston is distinguished from the conventional cast iron material.Silicon aluminum alloys brake discs have stable and reliable frictional and wear properties under varying conditions of load, velocity, temperature and environment,and high durability, widely used in automotive.Read More

  • Rotors&Vanes

    Contact NowRotors&VanesThe aluminum alloys piston is distinguished from the conventional cast iron material.We offer diverse high performance silicon-aluminum alloys auto parts, including cylinder liners, pistons,brake disc,connecting rods,rotors and blades,shock absorbers,valves, brake callipers,clutches,turbochargers and etc.Read More

  • Aluminum/Aluminum 7055 Alloy

    Contact NowAluminum/Aluminum 7055 AlloyAluminium/Aluminium 7055 Alloy,this new alloy was specifically developed for use in compression-dominated structures and provides advantages over alloy 7150 in compressive and tensile...Read More

  • Si-40%Al Alloy For RF microwave

    Contact NowSi-40%Al Alloy For RF microwaveThe Si-40%Al alloy has been chosen by our customers(CETC) as RF/microwave housings in radar communications.Read More

  • Low Cost Controlled Expansion Al-50%Si Alloy

    Contact NowLow Cost Controlled Expansion Al-50%Si AlloyBe regarded as the most popular alloy,Al-50% alloy is extensively used in RF/microwave,optial,aerospace and defense electronics industries.Read More

  • Al-35%Si Alloy Replacing Cast alloy Used For Automotive Engine Parts

    Contact NowAl-35%Si Alloy Replacing Cast alloy Used For Automotive Engine PartsAl-35%Si alloy has been chosen by numerous automotive suppliers in the applications of BMW,Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Renault.Read More