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  • Al-42%Si Alloy Laser Mirror

    Contact NowAl-42%Si Alloy Laser MirrorAl-42Si alloy is being widely used for microwave packaging for space and aerospace application and having the advantages of the close low expansion CTE suit to circuit boards and components,higher thermal conductivity,low density,hermeticity and ease of machine.Read More

  • Al6061 Laser Reflector

    Contact NowAl6061 Laser ReflectorAs the growing demand of 6061 aluminum alloy,quite range of manufacturers prefer to exploit our company Al6061 alloy material in laser reflecter for electronic packaging industryRead More

  • Spray-formed 70%Si-Al Alloy For PV substrate

    Contact NowSpray-formed 70%Si-Al Alloy For PV substrateApplications of 70% silicon aluminum alloy (1) High-brightness LED (2) Photovoltaic(PV) Cells Silicon Wafer Manufacturing ProcessRead More

  • AlSi70 Wafer Substrate/Contact For High -power LED

    Contact NowAlSi70 Wafer Substrate/Contact For High -power LEDAlSi70 alloy can be used as wafer level carriers for high-brightness LED.The Si-30%Al alloy has the advantageous of close CTE match to semiconductor device(GaAs or Sapphire),high thermal conductivity,dimensional stability,low density and ease of machining and sputtered coatings(e.g.Si,Sic and C;Ti,Pd,Ni,Au;Cr,Pd,Ni,Au)Read More