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  • AlSi20

    Contact NowAlSi20AlSi20 alloy, containing Si 20%, is widely used for auto parts.Baienwei rapid solidification AlSi20 has following advantages:Light weight;Wear-resistant;Corrosion resistant;High strength.Read More

  • AlSi60 (60Si/40Al)

    Contact NowAlSi60 (60Si/40Al)AlSi60, which contains 60% content of silicon, Applications:Carrier in radar communication system;optical fiber shells in optoelectronic industry;Power amplifier housingsRead More

  • AlSi25

    Contact NowAlSi25AlSi25,is widely used for auto parts,for instance cylinder liners,pistons,rotors and brake discs.Advantages have low density,higher specific stiffness,fatigue resistance and readily machinable.Read More

  • AlSi30 (30Si/70Al)

    Contact NowAlSi30 (30Si/70Al)Baienwei AlSi30 Si:30% High quality, Competitive price, Customized specifications are available.Read More